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Monte Bianco Arduino Developer Summit

Monte Bianco Arduino Developer Summit“The first Arduino Developer Summit was recently held halfway up Mont Blanc (Monte Bianco), the tallest mountain in Europe. The goal: bring Arduino community developers together with engineers from leading semiconductor companies to discuss the future of Arduino.

The hardware spotlight shined on advances from ST Microelectronics, Nordic Semiconductor, Microchip, EnOcean, Solbian, and of course Arduino Srl. The software spotlight shined on ecosystem advances from Snap, PlatformIO, Codebender, Antmicro, Mynewt, and other projects initiated by Arduino Srl developers, University researchers from Milano and Messina, and Messina Smart Cities initiatives.”, – Arduino.

Thanks to Arduino.Org and invitation, I had a chance to say a few words about new upcoming features of PlatformIO 3.0. The subject of my speech was “Explore the new development instruments for Arduino with PlatformIO ecosystem“. The presentation and awesome memories are located below…

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