About me


Welcome to official web log of my life. My name is Ivan and I’m from wonderful country that located at Eastern part of Europe. Its name is Ukraine. Generally, my life is seething around Information Technology (IT). But as for my active lifestyle I associate it with skiing or roller coasters. Winter is my element. When winter ends I am waiting for the new one 🙂

At leisure time I like to play piano. Sometimes I compose own music although I don’t have musical education. It all depends on how often the inspiration comes to me. Some of my works are published in my first collection called “My Inspiration”. But you can also find my another piano works in the section “Music Creativity”.

As for IT, I have over 10 years experience in software development with an advanced knowledge in the areas of web and mobile technologies. My research interests are revolving around large-volume databases (optimization of such databases was a subject of my PhD thesis), and server-side development in general. Some of my research works are published in the section “Research”.

Also, I am interested in Circuit Technology and Embedded Systems. Lately I have been working on the instruments which simplify IoT development. As result, I found PlatformIO and SmartAnthill open source projects which should make using micro-controllers easier for such end users that don’t have deep knowledge in electronics and embedded programming.

I hold Ph.D degree in Computer Science, as well as M.Sc. in Economics.

More professional information about me you can find at   View Ivan Kravets's profile on LinkedIn